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Here is a variety of literature for Zildjian. Some open to the complete brochure and some are just the cover. Items will be scanned as time permits.
Zildjian Cymbal Catalog (Complete)
1968 Zildjian Flyer (Complete)
1974 Zildjian Flyer (Complete)
2-page Zildjian Flyer - Cymbal Glossary
Zildjian Cymbal History (Complete)
2-page Zildjian Flyer - Cymbal Facts
1989 Zildjian Accessory Flyer (Complete)
Both Sides
Single Page Flyer
4 Page Flyer on Care and History (Complete)
1970's Zildjian Cymbal Catalog
1988 Zildjian Cymbal Catalog
Cymbal Set-Ups of Famous Drummers
Cover Only
Cover Only
Cover Only
History Section
Smaller version of the above (coveronly)
This also has a smaller version (cover only)
Zildjian Cymbal Set-Ups 8x10 Photos (23)
Zildjain Cymbal History Flyer (10 pg)
Kenny Aronoff clinic brochure
Edge Flyer - 1969
Amir Zildjian - June 1, 1982
1993 Zildjian Flyer
Zildjian Impulse Flyer 1984
Zildjian Amir Flyer 1984
Zildjian K Flyer 1984
Fixing Zildjian Cymbals
1977 Zildjian Catalog
1993 Zildjian Catalog
370th Anniversary Zildjian Catalog

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